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Patty Project #1 | Window Covers

Poor Patty’s been left open and exposed for the past month! Luckily, I managed to do some crafting to keep her cool and private. I created window coverings from Reflectix insulation that attach to the windows via magnets.


Tissue paper

Reflectix insulation


Hot glue gun & glue

Fabric of choice

Used front window shade

Step 1: Create tissue paper window outlines.

First, I roughly traced the outline of the window and used this as an outline for cutting out the Reflectix insert.

Step 2: Creating the Reflectix insert.

I used the tissue paper template to cut out the Reflectix.

Step 3: Covering the inward facing side of the insert.

I then cut the fabric and used hot glue to attach it to the insert.


I originally intended to use super glue, however, it was incompatible with the fabric I chose.

The first time I tried this I covered the wrong side! From then on, I wrote a small note to remind myself of which side needed to be covered.

Step 4: Magnetic attachments

I then used the scraps of fabric to sew small pouches that would house the magnets. I hot glued these to the insert and voila!

Step 5: Repeat for remaining windows.

Step 6: Front windshield

For the front windshield I utilized an old sunshade we had around the house. I again cut it to size and covered the inside with fabric.

That’s it! On the surface it seemed like a simple project, but as usual, things take longer than expected.

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