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Patty Project #2 | Bed & Flooring

I’ll be honest, the majority of this project was not my own doing. Thank you to Jesse and Brandon for their carpentry skills! And TJ for supervising. :)

We decided to start with the bed, since the trip is quickly approaching, and this was most vital to life on the road. The guys started by anchoring a wooden frame through Patty’s walls to another piece of wood that was placed behind. They chose to do this to strengthen the frame, rather than purely anchoring to the metal walls. They then cut out a piece of wood that would create a base for the rest of the frame. Once this was created, an L shaped bed frame was built and attached to the base piece. Finally, plywood was used to create flat faces on the sides of the frame, as well as the top side of the bed.

A couple days later, I primed and painted the frame white and placed my flooring. I decided to use foam locking tiles since they are easy to remove, clean, and assemble. Patty is slowly, but surely coming together and becoming my Canadian home.

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