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Patty Project #3 | Vent and Electric

As Jesse and Brandon built my bed, we strategized electrical layout and logistics. They built a box to hold the battery in place under my bed and mounted the inverted to the front of of it. The auxiliary battery is connected to Patty’s battery, and the connection can be turned on or off by a switch to charge the auxiliary battery while driving.

The next major necessity for Patty was a vent. I chose one with a fan that can blow air in or out, which some would say is fan-tastic! The scariest part of this whole project was watching Brandon cut a hole in Patty’s roof. However, it was cut and installed perfectly, and the vent has been able to withstand rain. The fan is connected directly to the auxiliary battery, as well as a light that was later installed in the ceiling. Overall, the vent has been great for cooling down the inside of Patty and the electrical set up will prove useful at the track.

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