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Picking up Patty

Updated: May 28, 2019

Not many 22-year-old women decide on a cargo van as their daily vehicle, but I guess I’m a little bit different! After totaling Thomas (my 2007 Toyota Tacoma), I began looking for vehicles that could do double duty. Something that could get me to work, but also get me to the motocross track. I’ve always loved the idea of a van but didn’t want to drive a bulky cargo van around, let alone get terrible gas mileage. But then I came across the Ford Transit Connect and the Ram Promaster City. After doing some interneting (my term for researching :P), I found that the Promaster City had a bit more cargo room and was generally more reliable than the Ford. After deciding upon the Ram, I looked around at used models, and found that it was only about $3000-$4000 more to buy a brand-new model. I decided to go new and purchased Patty the next day! Thanks to Dodge of Burnsville, I was able to qualify for financing on my own (I was a bit shocked by this!) and purchase my first brand-new vehicle!

Now, you may be thinking, how did I know my dirt bike would fit in Patty? I didn’t! I watched a YouTube video of a guy loading a bike in his van and figured I could do the same. I went to pick up my bike from PDR Performance on Friday morning, and loaded my bike in with little trouble (thanks to Ryan!).

I see Patty as the perfect little vehicle for this time in my life and can’t wait to see where she takes me! But hang on, she’s about to get a whole lot cooler.

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