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Spring Creek MX | May 25-26

Updated: May 28, 2019

I loaded up Patty (my van) for the first time and headed down to Spring Creek MX Park in Millville, MN for Memorial Day weekend. To my surprise, a 9:30 arrival time was not early (or late) enough to miss the morning sign up rush. Though I dreaded the wait, it was great to see that attendance is on the rise!

I parked Patty next the Otterdahl’s in one of the last available parking spaces, unpacked my mess of a van, and rushed out for the first practice of the day. After not riding for a month, I felt a bit rusty during the first few laps. However, that soon subsided, and I was feeling better as the track was getting rougher. After four practice sessions, I was beat and living up to the “Granny” nickname. My back hurt, my knees hurt, my everything hurt. But more fun was to be had Saturday evening.

PC: Reed Photography

After practice, I checked in on Linkin’s silent auction, did some bike work, and stopped by Josh’s graduation party. Congratulations to Josh on his graduation from high school! And thank you to his parents for the yummy fruit kabobs at his party. Afterwards, I retreated to Patty to set her up for the night. Surprisingly, my $8 Walmart air mattress held throughout the night! But before I could get to bed at a decent granny time, I got to visit with friends and their pups.

Sunday morning started out a little chilly in Patty, so the search for coffee began quickly. Luckily, the Pit Stop was open, and I was saved by a $2 coffee. I enjoyed my overnight PBB (Peanut Butter Banana) Oats, as I do every morning, and got ready for practice. After our two-lap warm up, I grabbed a race order from the riders meeting and enjoyed some racing before my own (race 19 of 28). Again, I was reminded that moto participation is up, with class sizes that reminded me of the early 2000’s.

In the first moto of the Women’s class, I had a 3rd place holeshot and spent two laps behind Jada and Krista before making the pass for 2nd on Krista in the whoops. By that time, Jada was too far gone to catch her, leaving me with a 2nd place finish in moto 1.

I then spent far too much time outside with sunglasses on and sunscreen in Patty, rather than on my face. And no, I don’t want to talk about my sunburn.

In moto 2, I again had a 3rd place holeshot behind Jada and Krista. However, I was able to sneak under Krista in the second corner. With the rough track conditions, I decided to double everything, rather than triple. This led Jada to build a bit of a gap, but nothing a mistake couldn’t ruin. I finished 2nd in moto 2 for second overall on the day. Thanks to Cole for being my pit crew all day!

PC: Morgan Miller Photography

Sunday night was the end of Linkin’s silent auction, as well as the live auction. I helped to coordinate payments for the silent auction winners, and count the overall total from the fundraiser. We were able to raise approximately $14,000 for Linkin and her family! What an amazing outpouring of generosity by the motocross community!

By the time all was finished, I was starving and ready to leave. But Brandon and Mark saved the (vegan) day, and we made some awesome veggies for dinner. We hung out for a bit, but I decided to drive home and arrived around midnight. Monday’s races were cancelled due to rain, so I finished the weekend with a much needed lazy day.

Though I was having a lazy day, I was reminded that this holiday is organized to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Thank you to active military members and veterans who have given so much for the United States. Happy Memorial Day.

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